Toddlers need to be potty trained as soon as possible for many beneficial reasons. Parents often put off potty training boys and girls because of the time and potential frustrations despite the well-known benefits like a diaper-free household.

There are many other reasons why toddlers should be potty trained immediately. They are the following:

Cost – keeping the toddler in diapers longer than he has to be can cost parents hundreds of dollars in diapers. Potty training boys or girls successfully in a few short days can save a lot of money.

Health – toddlers can suffer from uncontrolled pant soiling if they aren’t potty trained immediately. The older they grow, their stools get harder and tough to eliminate when they don’t know when to do so.

Psychological – the toddler can suffer psychological discomfort when teased by schoolmates and playmates for being too old to wear diapers at school or at play.

Time – aside from the cost of diapers, parents send extra time cleaning and putting them on kids. There is also the extra time and mess of disposal.

Environment – the more diapers are used, the more trouble for the environment. Potty training boys or girls sooner can help clear up the landfills.

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